"Sometimes you listen to a little voice... You know that little voice that tells you that everything's perfect, that many may envy you for the life you've built, that everything's in place... except you. 

There's something deep down inside you, like a grain of sand in the cog, something suffocating, between your ribs, a heart racing, a body screaming, a visceral conviction, and you know, you even know very well that you're going to smash everything, a mirror into a thousand pieces, and do what you have to do. And all the energy you've put into building this perfect life, you're going to put it where you've always wanted to put it but didn't dare: Sing. To rediscover the child you were, carried by the woman you are." 

Now that's Ellie Bloom. 

Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, and partially raised in Montreal, Canada, ELLIE BLOOM, at the age of 40, has ended her dialogue with that inner voice and is making her way in the world of French electro-pop. 

She draws her inspiration from the richness of these two worlds, which brought her up separated by an ocean. This duality is reflected in her music, creating a deft fusion between contemporary electronic influences and the timeless charm of French. Amidst dark, magnetic productions, a positive message emerges, poignant lyrics populated by her deep, personal stories.

For the “Entre 2 mondes” EP, which she will unveil in September 2024, ELLIE BLOOM collaborated with Belgian producer Yannic Fonderie and a team of French songwriters and composers (Musigamy), all mixed by Erwin Autrique. The first single of the EP is now available everywhere.


On stage ELLIE BLOOM can bring an unplugged version of her songs or she can be accompanied by a full band to bring the necessary power to ignite the crowd.



13/04/2024 - Paris, Les Trois Baudets Tickets and Info
03/05/2024 - Antwerp, Hanger 27 Tickets and Info